About ETC

Every Thought Captive exists to present the Christian faith as reasonable, winsome, and true.

We believe the faith is reasonable.  Our faith is not a “blind leap” in the sense that there are no good reasons to believe in the truth of the Christian worldview.  It is our conviction that the Christian faith can interact with its own convictions and with other worldviews in an intelliegnt and engaging way.

We believe the faith is winsome.  Our conviction is that each human is created with a deep and unalterable sense of purpose and meaning, and that we can best fulfill those passions in the context of God’s will for our lives.  The Christian faith satisfies our most universal needs.

We believe the faith is true.  We do not believe that the Christian faith meets some psychological or social needs for a few people, and is therefore useful to them.  We do not believe that it has a pragmatic value in ordering some of our lives, and is therefore a useful falsehood.  We believe that the claims of the Christian faith are objectively and universally true, and therefore deserve serious thought and attention.  We operate with the belief that, “all truth is God’s truth.”


ETC will offer events through a year in order to provide an opportunity for people to interact with significant issues and a Christian point of view as well as facilitate discussion groups between events and an online community.

If you have questions about ETC, you can comment here or email us at: ETC@everythoughtcaptive.org


Every Thought Captive is sponsored by Living Hope Church. It is managed by a team of volunteers and lead by Pastor Phil Steiger.  You can read a short bio about him on the Living Hope Church website.

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