ETC Event – Are The Christian Scriptures Reliable?

Medieval_scribeWe are excited to announce our next Every Though Captive Event, “Are the Christian Scriptures Reliable?: Can We Still Believe The Bible In Our Contemporary Age?” Our presenter, Dr. Craig Blomberg is a distinguished professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary and a recognized leader in the field of Scripture’s documents and their reliability. His latest book, “Can We Still Believe The Bible?” is an engagement with contemporary questions and issues related to the Bible’s reliability.


At ETC we are committed to presenting the Christian faith as reasonable, winsome, and true. So we value opportunities and events like these where the Christian faith can be presented and openly discussed. You can find videos of our other events in our website.

You can download our event flyer here, and feel free to distribute it wherever you think it is appropriate. And don’t forget to register before we run out of space.

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