Christian Faith and Science – ETC Event

Atom and HandWe are exited about our next ETC event on the topic of Intelligent Design and the relationship between science and the Christian faith.  Our presenter, Dr. Douglas Groothuis, will be able to speak well and reasonably about these issues and the intersection between the Christian faith and science.

This is currently a controversial topic, given the claims of the popular New-Atheists and even the recent airing of the redone version of Cosmos.  So, can a Christian hold to their orthodox beliefs and rationally live in our modern, scientific world?  We want to explore the affirmative answer to that question.

At ETC we believe we can present the Christian faith as reasonable, winsome, and true.  So we are committed to events like these where a Christian position can be presented in an open forum and discussed.

You can download the 8.5 x 11 flyer for the event here and feel free to distribute it wherever it is appropriate to do so.  And don’t forget to register for the event before we run out of space.

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